Coastguard Station on Okaloosa Island

Gulf Coast Insulation is an entirely SAMS Certified company, capable of performing work in government facilities of any kind. We were proud to assist our local government and community when we were asked to perform insulation services for the Coastguard Station on Okaloosa Island.

We participated in the remodeling of the station, removing old, inefficient insulation from the interior and replacing it with closed cell spray foam, notable for its high density and multi-barrier protection. In addition to lowering energy costs, this insulation project served to increase resistance to hurricane winds. Due to the station’s geographical vulnerability to hurricanes and extreme weather, we performed installation that would increase protection against wind uplift throughout the entire structure.

In one professionally performed project, Gulf Coast Insulation increased energy efficiency and increased resistance to wind uplift in the Coastguard Station on Okaloosa Island. Helping out our local government? Check.

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