Comfort in Margaritaville

Visitors to Destin will cite Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville as beach hang-out styled restaurant, complete with delicious food and colorfully mixed drinks. When they came to us needing to increase energy savings and making bring their customers a more comfortable indoor atmosphere, we knew we could help.

Throughout the restaurant interior and roof deck area, we installed open cell spray foam insulation, our environmentally friendly, green certified product. In addition to being resistant to pests and heat, incredibly important for establishments selling food, our green insulation product decreased their monthly utility bills and improved their indoor air quality.

We also installed fiberglass batt into the exterior walls using unique, professional installation techniques, even further increasing insulation efficiency. This certified-excellent restaurant needed certified-green insulation and an indoor atmosphere to match it. Gulf Coast Insulation is proud to have delivered this and more to Margaritaville in Destin FL.

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