Cellulose and other materials

The Benefits if Cellulose

Composed of recycled newspaper and other paper products, cellulose insulation forms tight seals throughout structural features such as wiring, plumbing, and framing. It is a safe and efficient insulation material, maintaining high R-value and remaining resistant to sound, mold, pests, and even fires.

Additional Information

Made from 80% recycled materials, Cellulose Insulation is an environmentally friendly green insulation product.

R-Value is truly an important factor to consider when choosing insulation. Did you know that cellulose insulation can reduce air infiltration and convection more so other products with the same R-Value? This tends to give cellulose insulation better overall performance and value.

Gulf Coast Insulation


  • 80% recycled materials, environmentally friendly.
  • High sound barrier performance.
  • Mold, pest resistant.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Provides energy savings.

Technical Specifications:

Click below for all relevant technical specifications for Cellulose:

Technical Data Sheet
Cellulose & Sound Intrusion
MSDS (Material Safety)

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