The Benefits of Rockwool

Our Rockwool Insulation is environmentally friendly, meeting industry standards in safety and health.

An insulation made from molten rock processed into delicate intertwined fibers, Rockwool Insulation is a durable, highly heat-resistant material. Though not entirely immune to sufficiently hot fire, Rockwool provides powerful passive resistance to heat and fire.

Additional Information

This dense, reliable insulation achieves higher R-Values than many other insulation materials and does not deteriorate in R-Value over time. Additionally resisting pests and moisture, Rockwool offers a wide range of benefits for home or business owners requiring highly efficient and protective thermal insulation.

Gulf Coast Insulation


  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Durable and Safe.
  • Highly Resistant to Heat.
  • High, Non-Deteriorating R-Value.
  • Pest, Moisture Resistant.

Technical Specifications:

Click below for all relevant technical specifications for Rockwool:

Rockwool Sustainability
MSDS (Material Safety)

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