Spring Season Insulation Tips

We here at Gulf Coast Insulation are the full service insulation company that you can always depend on. As such we want to help you prepare for the spring season. While spring means rising temperatures, our electricity bills don’t have to rise with them.

Below we have highlighted ways in which you can be both energy efficient and cost efficient for the upcoming spring season.

  • Seal leaks and keep home insulated: doorways and windows allow air to leak right out of your house. Make sure these spots are sealed. Insulation leaks also occur commonly around doors and windows and can lead to wasted energy. Use our savings cost calculator to find out exactly how much you can save by upgrading your insulation.

  • Clean your AC unit filters: an AC with a dirty filter has to work much harder to keep the cooling going. We recommend that you change the filter every one to two months.

  • Maintain your AC unit: the correct level of refrigerant and a clean external coil will keep your AC working efficiently.

  • Keep the sun out: by closing your blinds you reduce the solar heat gain in your house and keep it cooler. Consider investing in insulating blinds, which help lower temperatures.

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