The Leepers & Chris Ritchie Net Zero Home

As a provider and promoter of environmentally friendly options for insulation projects, Gulf Coast Insulation is constantly looking into new ways of improving efficiency and insulation quality.

That’s why we were thrilled to work with Leepers & Chris Ritchie on a Net Zero Home project in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. In net zero building, the net energy consumption of the structure is equal to amount of renewable energy produced on the site. Professionally installed, extremely efficient insulation can be vital to achieving net zero energy consumption. We were up to the task.

Utilizing an ICF (Insulating Concrete Form) wall system and spray foam for the roof deck, Gulf Coast Insulation contributed to make this home incredibly efficient in its energy consumption. In a blower door test, auditing the energy efficiency of the home, our Net Zero Home performed at a 0.7, an excellent rate.

Working alongside Leepers & Chris Ritchie, this Santa Rosa Beach, FL home serves as a great example of the role of insulation in energy efficiency.

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