Open Cell Spray Foam

The Benefits of OCF

Made from recycled materials, Open Cell Spray Foam (OCF) is an environmentally friendly green insulation product. The value of OCF is in its expansion, during installation expanding to 120 times its volume and filling in every void.

In insulating a home or business, OCF is capable of fully sealing for greater energy savings and lower utility costs while never shrinking, settling, or deteriorating. Because it expands so effectively, OCF also produces a safer indoor atmosphere by sealing out dust, allergens, and even pests.


  • Created with recycled materials, environmentally friendly.
  • Expands to 120 times volume.
  • Seals completely to reduce energy costs.
  • Healthier indoor atmosphere.
  • Pest-resistant.
  • Does not shrink, settle, or loose R-value over time.
  • Florida approved for wind uplift protection from hurricanes.
  • Provides maximum energy savings.
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I want to give a shout out particularly to Thomas at Gulf Coast Insulation for always helping out being there during a recent install. He is a class act and is such a great representative of the company. We ... Carrie N.
I have used Gulf Coast Insulation to spray foam my entire attic and blow in fiberglass insulation. These guys simply know what they are doing and have years of experience. Highly recommend. Steve S.
Jose and AJ were very nice people. I would like to deal with them again! John S.
Great service, prompt and professional! Steve A.
Professional, great service, great staff! Terra J.
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